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Projecting: John Alvin, Doctor Who, Egotistical Criticism, Sexy-Scary Eva Green - Next Projection

Today’s Next Projection Projecting includes work on legendary artist John Alvin, Doctor Who’s companions, egotistical criticism, and the rise of sexy-scary Eva Green.

Introducing Yesterday's News - Next Projection

I continue to grow Next Projection’s News content with the introduction of Yesterday’s News, a collection of the most important film, TV, and trailer news that you missed yesterday.

Introducing the First Edition of Projecting - Next Projection

As the new head of News at Next Projection, it’s my pleasure to introduce Projecting. Projecting will feature interesting reads centered on film and television from around the internet. Because, I don’t know if you guys have heard this, but the internet is huge.

The Past and Future of The Stand - Next Projection

To kickoff Next Projection’s brand new News section, I cover the long tale of adaptation of Stephen King’s The Stand, and what recent casting rumors could mean for the potential film.

Film Review: Frank

When Frank is all about Frank, it is largely fantastic, thanks to a disarmingly charming performance from Michael Fassbender. Unfortunately, it stumbles when attempting to assemble a worthwhile plot and is populated by a crop of some of the most unlikable characters. Head to LonelyReviewer for my review.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Review - Next Projection

I liked Sin City, I really did. I saw it twice in theaters, quickly bought the DVD, and have been anticipating this sequel for nearly a decade. Unfortunately, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was far from worth the wait. Robert Rodriguez (and I guess, Frank Miller) have transformed the strange and engrossing world of Sin City into one of utter boredom. Head to Next Projection for my review.

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