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Projecting: Flawed Enjoyment, Environmental Marvel, Mothers & Movies, Directing Comedy - Next Projection

Today’s Next Projection Projecting includes pieces on enjoying socially flawed entertainment, the environmental message in Guardians of the Galaxy, Ghostbusters effect on relationships, and determining if Modern Family really is the best directed TV comedy.

Yesterday's News: Weekend Roundup - Next Projection

The Weekend Roundup edition of Next Projection's Yesterday’s News includes talk of a MacGruber sequel, another TV reboot, and a whole bunch of trailers.

Projecting: Four-Female Sitcoms, Comedic Depression, Star Wars Original Cut, Fall Film Festivals - Next Projection

Today’s Projecting over on Next Projection includes work on topics such as sitcom archetypes, the relationship between comedy and depression, the original cut of Star Wars, and fall film festivals.

Yesterday's News: Star Wars Back at Work & Super Expensive The Blacklist - Next Projection

Catch up on all the news you missed with Next Projection's Yesterday’s News. Top stories include Star Wars: Episode VII resuming production and the outlandish price Netflix paid for The Blacklist.

Yesterday's News: Fantastic Fest's Second Wave & The Knick on HBO - Next Projection

Head to Next Projection for the best of YESTERDAY’S NEWS, including stories on Fantastic Fest’s second wave of programming and HBO airing THE KNICK on Labor Day.

Projecting: John Alvin, Doctor Who, Egotistical Criticism, Sexy-Scary Eva Green - Next Projection

Today’s Next Projection Projecting includes work on legendary artist John Alvin, Doctor Who’s companions, egotistical criticism, and the rise of sexy-scary Eva Green.

Introducing Yesterday's News - Next Projection

I continue to grow Next Projection’s News content with the introduction of Yesterday’s News, a collection of the most important film, TV, and trailer news that you missed yesterday.

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